I left because I felt I was suffocating

The truth is that human beings need space. We are born in space, and if we feel the rim every day around our neck eventually we will have the feeling that that rim is twisting and spinning and shrinking and we will suffocate.

This is what happens in some relationships as well. I can barely put up with myself the whole day let alone with somebody I just started to engage with. If you walked your road alone as long as I did, dating a guy who has this awful need to spend 24/7 with you is the last thing you need in life. .

I knew it, and that’s why I left.

You remember the story of the frog in the boiling water? I didn’t want to be that frog. I just couldn’t allow such thing to happen to me. The second I felt the water is getting warmer I jumped out, the second I felt the rim is shrinking I had to cut it.

I am the type of person that needs sky to spread her wings, don’t put me in the cage, I’ll  never sing and I will never be happy, and no human should be either.

I left because he refused to grow

It is 21st century and I am privileged to be a woman in such period. I want to grow in every aspect of my life and I do expect my partner to follow my steps or even to outgrow me. I need somebody who is on the same level with me and a guy that is able to have intellectual conversations with me. Yes, I’m attracted by looks at first, but that won’t keep me. That will not make me stay. Because I know when the lights are all out and we’re old and wrinkled there is no beauty that could stand out because it’s just gone. But what remains is intelligence and intelligence is evergreen.

I knew this the moment I entered the relationship and this was something I’d never compromise, neither should you.

I left because I wanted more

No matter if you’re girl in your twenties or your thirties or married with two kids, don’t settle for a minimum. Don’t ever settle for anything less than you deserve. Don’t be afraid to want more. Your mom would tell you this, I am saying this to you now and any other sane person would nod on this statement.

You only have this one life, and it does appear to not be enough but someone once said that if you live it right, once is enough. It is ok to want more and don’t you dare to be afraid to follow your dreams.

You want better job? – go for it!

You want more love? – get it!

If you are attached to him offer him to follow you on your journey but never allow him to tie you down. I left because I chose to be accomplished, and if that’s what you want, go for it.

I left because I was tired of being the initiator of everything

“Boohoo for her, she had to choose the restaurant alone or where to spend the holidays!” – nope, this was not the case. I have nothing against me choosing the restaurant, I’m perfectly OK with deciding about anything but I refuse to be in a passive relationship. I’m a cheerful person that needs just small impulse to be happy and to develop the idea further, not getting and impulse at all is my problem.

If I’m the one to be the initiator of our dates, going outs, than I’m out. I do need a feedback, a signal, an effort, anything that will tell me that I am not alone in this.

I don’t need to be one to give more compliments nor to send far more love than I receive. It is a NO from me.

It takes two for tango. I danced alone, when on paper I wasn’t alone. And suddenly it hit me: this is not the way the things should be.

I left because I couldn’t imagine my future together with him

He wasn’t the man he used to be, or the man I thought he is. Maybe I made him like that. Maybe I just created the perfect image of him, and when the serotonin got back to normal, I realized I was mistaken.

This was not the man I could picture myself with for the rest of my life so why bother? Why pull the strings harder when the only logical solution would be not to loose them but to let them completely.

He couldn’t understand my need for space, nor were we on the same level because he refused to grow and not to mention I was the one constantly dragging us forward, not pushing but literally dragging. One day it just hit me: This doesn’t make me happy, and it wouldn’t make happy anybody else – so I left and so should you.

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