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You get that tingling feeling in your stomach. It is time for you to get ready for your first date. It’s too bad that teachers don’t teach us these things in school. I mean, this is the same thing as geography, history, chemistry and so on. These are life lessons and we have to learn them one way or another. Better to learn them before than to make stupid mistakes later.

Luckily, you have me. I can help you to kill your first date and to make it memorable and smooth without any mistakes. I can save you from embarrassment, from making the wrong move which can scar you for life.

Most of us are very nervous before every first-time including the first date. Girls, don’t think that it’s easier for men. They feel like fools as you do and they don’t have a clue on what they are doing like you don’t.

Take into consideration some of the tips we are about to offer to make your first date amazing and unforgettable.


Make sure to wear something that doesn’t look like you just got out of bed but also try to wear something in what you can walk, eat and relax in. Don’t test your new clothes or wear jeans that are a little bit tight. You are anxious enough without those unnecessary things over which you can worry about. If you don’t feel comfortable you may ruin your whole new experience and go home and cry while burning those tight jeans that made you feel sick.

Dress nicely and tastefully because you don’t want to send the wrong message, or maybe you do. In that case don’t worry about your first date because it will be the last one.


I know that most of us girls have problems with being on time. Especially some of us are late on purpose just to make some kind of a point. No one likes that – it makes you look bitchy even if you are not. Always imagine how you would feel if it’s visa versa? If he is late, leaving you to wait on a cold night or on a hot day? You would feel like crap and never call him again.


Honestly, how much money would you spend on a drink when you are paying for it? Stay in your range. He is a guy and not a credit card. In other hand, guys appreciate when girls are modest and down to earth. If you order some pricey cocktail or meal you will come off as a gold-digger and believe me, that’s not what you want, and you shouldn’t date those kind of guys.

Only if he orders something that costs more, you can do the same, but once more, don’t chew more than you can bite.

And one more thing, when it comes to that, offer to split your check. As I’ve already said, he’s not an ATM but if he is a real gentleman he’ll insist on paying.


Firstly, this is just rude. I mean although girls and boys nowadays are addicted to their phones and are constantly hung up on them, there are certain times when you should just sit and look someone in the eyes and give them your full attention. Also a very helpful tip – please for the love of God do not post online and public comments of your date. Of course you are going to comment on it with your girlfriends, but do not, I repeat, DO NOT post comments. Especially if your date for some reason didn’t go well. That’s just cruel.


Honesty is the key of any kind of relationship in life. Who knows? Maybe this guy is your future husband. He is maybe the future father of your children. Do you really want to lie to him and say that you are friends with Beyoncé and that you go on skiing trips with Bruno Mars? Of course I exaggerate, but you catch my drift. DO NOT lie. If he is going to like you, he should like you for you and not for the person you pretend to be. Is you pretend, that relationship is doomed. It will fall apart sooner or later.


First of all, if you had a bad day you should totally cancel the date and arrange it for some other time. It’s not bailing, it’s just that you can’t. If he likes you, he’ll understand. No one wants to look at a sour face across the table. The important thing is to smile and laugh at his jokes. Of course don’t laugh to every little thing he says or he’ll think that something is wrong with you. Laugh moderately.


This is also very important. You should talk about yourself but please do not turn the date into a monologue or God forbid a confession. You have to remember that there are two people at the table and both of you have something to say. And one more thing. Try to switch subjects every few minutes. You don’t want to end up talking about your aunt’s cat for 10 minutes or so – BOOOORING.


Please, as I have said earlier, don’t turn your date into a monologue. Ask questions, but don’t be assertive. If he is not so talkative don’t push it.


After you are done and after you come home, please do not be so desperate and text him right away. Most of the guys tend to feel as if they are being emotionally suffocated if you text them right away and often. Also, make him think about you, and make him make the first move. Make him wonder what you’re doing and are you thinking of him. Make him thrive for more. And when he texts don’t answer right away but also, don’t make him wait because he WILL lose interest.

The bottom line is that you should try to be yourself, act naturally and just go with the flow.

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