Being a good person is what we all want. But is it easy like it seems to reach that goal? I don’t think so! You need to try very hard if you want to be a good person. Sometimes you will forget about yourself just to please others. I don’t mind being a good person but I will never say „YES“ to someone if I will say „NO“ to myself.
If you aren’t sure whether you are doing fine in becoming a better person, I bring you some amazing tips on how to make it work. So stay tuned!

1. Be satisfied with yourself – Being satisfied with your life is a key to become a better person. Just think. If you are not satisfied with your situation you definitely won’t help others to make them happy. On the other hand, if you are fulfilled and comfortable in your private life then there is no need not to help others. Unless you are a bitch, of course. The catch is you will feel so amazing when you help others and from my point of view that is the best food for our soul.

2. Think about others – Do you know those up tied people who act bitchy in front of the waiters? They think just because they are serving them it means they are not valuable. I am so allergic to those kind of people. Thinking about others make you a better person. If you don’t help others, dude, you can’t expect they will help you. So cut the crap and act normal. I know it is impossible to please all the people around you but try to make your group of friends and be there when they need you. Things like this count the most!
3. Leave past behind – We have all experienced some ghosts from our past making a chaos in our present. I suggest you to let it go. Leave past where it belongs. Just imagine how your life would look like if you think about the things you did in the past. We are all sinners and it is inevitable that we are likely to make some mistakes, but hey, if it weren’t of them we wouldn’t be people we are now. If you have people that you don’t like leave them in the past. If they were good they wouldn’t have been there. The catch is YOU are the one who has to make some rules in your life!

4. Smile – I don’t know about you but I really like people who constantly have genuine smile on their face. At least you can see they are positive and easygoing. When meeting other people don’t forget to smile, not because you want it but because it is polite. Unfortunately we are moving in the warp speed and everything around us is about money and interest. Nobody thinks about smiling. That is the only curved line that can fix many things. So whatever you do just smile. I assure you life will be less difficult!

5. Love your job – I know half of us is probably working in some dull offices with constant stress and bitchy colleagues. But on the other hand there are some lucky bastards that have time of their life when being in office. The catch is we need to adjust ourselves to every situation that pops up in our life. Even your boss is pain in the butt, just ignore him and mind your own business. That is the only way to be truly happy. Even your job is not an ideal one try to find some good things about it. I am sure there are some, you just need to dig deeper.

6. Help people around you – Life is already difficult so we shouldn’t make it even worse for people around us. Try to help them if they need it. I am not saying you need to give a piece of advice to every stranger you meet but if you see that you can help people, just bring it on. It doesn’t cost you a thing and you will feel much better. Characteristics like this make great people even greater.

7. Be yourself – Being loyal to yourself is a key of being happy. There are a lot of people who pretend to be someone else just so others would like them. I like to say that they tend to wear masks because they can hide behind them. So they do all that trendy and harmful stuff we all do even they hate it. Maybe you can function in this way but it is not going to be long-term. You can’t pretend all your life because at some point you will explode. You will tell bad people you hate them and you will tell everything that is on your heart. Once you do this you will be able to truly be happy. And yes, this will make you a better person, totally free of toxic things in our life!

8. Be a good friend – You probably ask why it is important to be a good friend. There are many reasons but the most important one is that friendship is not a one – way street. It means both of you need to work hard to maintain the same level. Only in case like this it is real and worth fighting for. There is an old saying telling: „ A man who has 4 friends is stupid, the one with three friends is crazy, the one with two friends is normal but the one having only one friend is damn lucky!“

In case of applying all these hints how to be a better person do observe people that you have in your life and the way they behave. I am sure you will notice they enjoy your company now more than they did before!

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