Do people often get insulted by something you’ve said to them (when you know you’ve just been honest)? Do you have a feeling that they either really love you or hate you?

If you do, you’re probably wondering why it is so. The truth is, you are AWESOME!

Your type of personality has nothing to do with being difficult or annoying. Your being painfully honest and brave to say things that most of them can only dream of saying are all traits of your bold personality, and they have nothing to do with you being a bad person.

In the world of fake ideals, you have guts to express yourself and show your true nature which is awesome. If you can relate to the following 6 things, you’re most definitely one of those with a bold personality who don’t give a shit about what others think of them.

1. You don’t put up with anybody’s bullshit

If someone disrespects you, you will make sure to tell them and make them think twice before doing it again. You don’t take other people’s crap because you know your worth.

You won’t let them make fool of you, and even if they do, you will always make them pay for it. It doesn’t have to be big. But whatever you decide to do, you will not stay silent when someone mistreats you.

Sometimes, you simply delete people from your life because you don’t want to surround yourself with negative people exhibiting negative energy. You have confidence living a quality life, and if something prevents you from doing so, you will fix it.

2. You get up and get after what you want

You don’t live in an illusion that things will come to you without lifting a finger. You live in reality and because of that people, sometimes mistake you for being a pessimist.

Just because you don’t solely rely only on good luck charms, it doesn’t mean you’re not an optimist. You believe that good things happen, but they will not happen without making an effort.

When you want something, you will get up and go after it. It doesn’t matter if it is about your job, your love life or friendship. You will always find a way to achieve what you want, and that is what makes you freaking awesome!

3. You don’t seek attention

Even though you’re not seeking attention, people are simply drawn to you. They like to be around you because you radiate a specific energy that works like a magnet.

You’re not someone who is constantly bragging about himself and trying to win other people’s attention and seek approval. You know your worth, and you don’t need others to make you feel better about yourself.

4. You don’t freak out about trivial things

You appreciate life and enjoy spending it with your favorite people, and if something bad happens, you don’t freak out immediately. You stay cool and calm even when you’re under pressure.

You know what your priorities are and trivial things cannot disrupt your life perspective. Instead of freaking out, you will find a way to deal with the issue.

You are confident enough to find a solution within yourself and humble enough to seek advice from others if needed.

5. You hate mind games

If there’s something people with bold personality hate, it is mind games. You can smell them from a mile away.

And if those playing mind games come near you, you always make sure to give them a taste of their own medicine. They soon realize there’s no point in playing tricks on you or manipulating you because they will never be able to tame you.

You know players very well, and you’re not afraid to contradict them.

6. You don’t pretend to be something you’re not

Nope. You’ll never pretend to be what you’re not in order to seek attention from others. You always stay genuine, even if they don’t like it.

When you’re sad, you will make sure to show it because you know that there’s nothing good in suppressing your emotions. When you’re happy, you will make sure to show it because you want to share the joy with others.

But, you will never, ever pretend to be something you’re not, and that is the essence of your awesomeness. They will either accept you for who you are or stay away from you.

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