When you stop and think about it, life can feel quitie overwhelming  Between working hard, following your career dreams, spending time with your boyfriend, keeping in touch with friends old and new, actually seeing those friends, going to yoga (or your workout of choice), and trying to figure out a way to actually enjoy green vegetables, it’s just a lot. It’s no wonder that a lot of the time, you just want to go home, lie down, and watch more Netflix than you ever thought was possible. Oh, and you want to eat pizza all the time, too. That’s definitely a thing.

You already know that your zodiac sign can tell the story of your life in a number of ways. It can clarify the best and worst things about you. It can tell you why you like and dislike certain things. It can also tell you what career, love, and self-care decisions to make so you can be as happy as possible. It’s pretty cool, right?!

Let’s take a look at your zodiac sign and how it affects those three things. Read on to find out what steps to take in your career and love life and what self-care activity is right for you, all based on your zodiac sign!

36-Aquarius: Career—Find A More Exciting Job

Okay, so no one actually likes being bored. Maybe you grew up hearing from your mom that boredom isn’t actually possible and that she never wanted to hear you whine and complain about it (which annoyed you even more since, hey, you really were bored).

As an Aquarius, you get bored easily, and like your life to be super thrilling at all times. You need to make sure that you’re interested in the job that you’re doing. What’s the one thing that you should be doing in your career, right now? You should take a look at whether or not you’re bored at work. If you are, then it’s time to make a change and find another job that excites you and makes you really happy.

Yes, change is scary, and for a lot of people, making a job change can bring up all kinds of crazy negative feelings. But you should embrace the change. Why can’t you wake up every day feeling excited to do your job? You can and you totally should. This is the goal that you should set for yourself and once you get that more exciting job, you’ll be doing jumping jacks (but maybe only in the privacy of your own home).

35-Aquarius: Love—Be More Open And Honest About Your Feelings

Not everyone loves to get super touchy feely and chat about how they’re feeling. Some zodiac signs love this and it’s second nature to them. That’s just not you.

You don’t like to talk about your emotions (in fact, you hate it), which is exactly why this is something that you need to do for your love life. If you’re in a relationship, then you need to sit down with your boyfriend and talk to them about how you feel. This won’t come easily to you and he might even be surprised that you’re doing this, but there’s no way that he won’t truly appreciate that you’re doing this. You might pour your heart out about something that’s bugging you, whether it’s something small (like wanting him to split up the household chores more) or bigger (like wanting him to get to know your family better). Or maybe you’ll just make sure that he knows how much you care about him. It’s going to be important to do this and will help your relationship.

If you’re single and have a crush on someone, then you should definitely let them know. It’s going to be scary to open up about how you feel… and that’s okay.

34-Aquarius: Self-Care—Find A Hobby

As an Aquarius sign, you don’t love spending time on your own. Some people are super independent and while you’re still a strong person, you’re not really into hanging out by yourself all the time. And, well, that’s exactly why doing this will be so good for you.

When it comes to what self-care activity you should adopt, you should find a hobby. It should be something that you have to do on your own… you know, without your friends, family, or partner by your side. This will feel weird and uncomfortable and that’s a good thing. Getting out of your comfort zone is always going to be a positive experience.

There are so many hobbies that will allow you to get to know yourself better and just get comfy being alone. You can take a number of classes, from art to learning more about wine to cooking, and you could go to a weekly dance class or even learn to sew or knit. Even if you realize that this thing just isn’t for you, that’s okay. You can find a new hobby and you don’t have to stick with anything that doesn’t make you happy. The point is that you’ll learn to be alone and that’s going to help a lot.

33-Pisces: Career—Speak Up About Being Taken Advantage Of

It’s not a bad thing to be emotional and sensitive. It’s just the way that some people are. And it’s definitely the way that you are if you’re a Pisces sign. The only problem is that since you’re like this (and you’re also such a kind person), it can be pretty easy for people to take advantage of you, particularly at the office.

This happens to almost everyone at one point or another. There is most likely a situation at your office that isn’t the best for you. You probably try to ignore it but it’s time to deal with it. Maybe a coworker is insulting you or trying to take credit for your work and telling your boss things that just aren’t true. Maybe you’re not being paid what you’re worth and keep getting passed over for promotions that you totally deserve. Whatever is going on, it’s time to speak up. This is against your nature, but that’s why it’ll be so amazing for you.

Just think about everything that you can accomplish once you start speaking up and standing up for yourself. You’re going to feel so good about yourself and so confident, too, which is a nice bonus of the whole thing.

32-Pisces: Love—Raise Your Standards

You can be a very trusting person since you’re so kind, emotional, and sensitive. It would make sense to you to stay with someone because you’ve been with them for a long period of time and because you love them. You care deeply about the people in your life, particularly your current boyfriend, and it’s just second nature to you to be loving and caring.

That’s not a bad thing… except for the fact that you might end up sticking around in a relationship longer than you need to. And, oh yeah, you might not actually be dating the right person and the person that you deserve to be with. When it comes to the one thing that you should do right now for your love life, you need to raise your standards.

Tell yourself that you need to be with a guy who is super worthy of you. Someone who you can be proud to date and show off to your friends and family. Until you do this, you won’t be truly happy, and you won’t be in the proper relationship for you. It’s only going to be a good thing to raise your standards and expect more from your next relationship.

31-Pisces: Self-Care—Get In Touch With Your Creative Side

Being a Pisces means that you really appreciate art. You especially love music and creative things.

Instead of ignoring this part of yourself because you don’t think that it’s practical or something that you should spend your time on, embrace art and get creative. Think of this as the best form of self-care that you could practice. Whether you want to hang out at home and paint or draw, or you want to take a class and get some professional instruction, is totally up to you. There are pros to each scenario. As long as you make sure to let out your inner artist, this will be really great for you.

It doesn’t matter if other people think that this is silly or not something that you should be doing. The important thing is that you listen to yourself and do something that makes you happy. It’s good for you soul and you should definitely remember that. Everyone needs a creative outlet, so don’t deny yourself this. You’ll reap the benefits for sure and feel a lot more peaceful as you get used to doing this. Chances are, you’ll love getting artsy so much that you won’t believe that you never did this before.

30-Aries: Career—Stop Taking Your Job So Seriously/Personally

Aries have their good and bad qualities, just like literally every other zodiac sign. For you, the fact that you’re such a passionate person can be both good and bad. Sure, it’s awesome to feel passionate about someone or something since a lot of people are too shy about showing their emotions or even feeling them.

But your passion can make you mad and emotional, and that can be tough to deal with. Instead of taking your job so personally because of how passionate you get and how much you care about things, you should learn to let go a bit. It’s just a job, right?! Everything will honestly be fine (and if it’s not, well, then you can just go ahead and get another job, which is really no big deal in the grand scheme of things, even if it feels like it right now).

There are some people who can go with the flow and roll with the punches in a work situation… and then there are people like you where that feels totally impossible. But you should try to do this and the more that you do, the easier and more second nature it will become. You don’t really want to take your work home with you, do you? No, you don’t. You want to have a balanced life.

29-Aries: Love—Go With The Flow In A Relationship

Patience is not one of your virtues which makes you rush into things. This is especially true when you’re dealing with someone who you like and want to be in a relationship with.

Yes, sometimes love at first sight is definitely a thing, and “rushing” into a relationship can pay off big-time. You can honestly find the right person and know that you want to be with them and everything works out. Even if your friends and family are concerned that you’re going kind of fast, you know that it’s all good. But, well, that’s not always the case. When it comes to the one thing that you need to do right now in your love life, you should go slow. You can go with the flow and see if this relationship is for real and if this person is right for you.

It might feel strange at first and you might wonder if going slow is the right thing, but as long as you tell this person how you feel and you’re on the same page about getting to know each other and starting something up, it should be all good. Maybe they want to take things slow, too, and it’s going to work out just fine.

28-Aries: Self-Care—Going Therapy Will Help Release Your Stress

Thankfully, in recent years therapy has less of a stigma and has become something that people talk about a lot more (like a lot more). There is nothing to be ashamed of because if you see a therapist, it means that you care about yourself and your life and you want to process your emotions.

Aries signs can get really moody sometimes. It can definitely affect your relationships in a negative way and can make you a tough person to be around. Instead of letting that happen, which it doesn’t have to, you might want to go to therapy. Even if you just go a few times, you can figure out how to handle your moods and deal with other people better. Again, there is no shame in this. It’ll only help you.

Once you do this, you just might find that you know a lot of people who have gone to therapy at some point in their lives. It’s very helpful for a lot of people and can really allow you to let go of some things that you’re carrying around. Then you can move on and be happy and follow your dreams, which is what anyone wants, right?!

27-Taurus: Career—Meet With A Career Coach

If you’re a Taurus sign, how many times have you been told that you’re a stubborn person? Too many times to count? All your life? Yeah, that sounds about right.

You probably claim that you’re not stubborn at all… which is totally a thing that stubborn people do. Sorry but it’s true. Since this is the way that you are, you might be in the wrong career and have no idea. You might not be able to see what career path is actually right for you and what is actually going to make you happy. Maybe you’re holding onto dreams that you used to have that don’t serve you or make much sense for your life anymore.

Meeting with a career coach would be an awesome step for you to take for your career. It would be amazing since you would be able to get their advice and see things from a different perspective. You would chat with them and they would be able to see what your skills and talents are and where they would work the best. Even if you hate this idea and don’t want to do it, you should honestly give it a try because you never know what might happen. You wouldn’t regret it.

26-Taurus: Love—Learn To Compromise

Being stubborn can mean that compromise is a foreign concept to you. You’ve most likely been in relationships where your boyfriend was always asking you to see things from his POV and he would be like, “Can’t you just compromise? Just this one time?” You would shake your head because it just didn’t make any sense to you.

Instead of being stubborn, learn to compromise and watch how good things will get in your love life. This is the single, most important thing that you could do. It’s not going to be anything but amazing. Your current (or future) relationship will get so much better because your partner will see that you care so much about them, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make things run smoothly.

Sometimes the other person just wants to see that you’re not selfish. Even if you don’t want to eat a healthy dinner but they want to make you something, even if you don’t want to watch their current favorite TV show, even if you want to go out and they want to stay home — it just doesn’t matter in the long run. Compromise a few times and they’ll be happy, which will make you happy.

25-Taurus: Self-Care—Throw More Parties

Being stubborn can also mean that you tend to retreat into yourself a lot and spend time thinking about your thoughts and feelings. Once you get mad at someone or are going through a rough time in your personal life, it’s pretty overwhelming and all-consuming. Even if your boyfriend or best friend or mom try to help you out and give you some advice and tell you to let it go, that just doesn’t make any sense to you. You’re too upset and too stubborn to let go of those negative emotions.

The self-care activity that you need to do is throwing more parties. You need to be more social and think about other people. Hanging out with others will allow you to get out of your own head and will make you realize that whatever you’re upset about really doesn’t matter. You can throw a larger party or a quiet dinner gathering for just a few people. The size doesn’t matter. What matters is that it’ll be really good for you.

Think about it this way: if you don’t want to go to a party and you go anyway, most of the time, you have a better time than you thought and are super glad that you didn’t just bail and stay home.

24-Gemini: Career—Take A Class To Further Your Career

Gemini signs have one particularly awesome thing going for them: they really love to learn. Not everyone can say that, unfortunately, so you should be super proud of yourself for your love of learning.

Since education is a big deal to you, this is something that you should think about with regards to your career. You’re always interested in learning new things so you should learn a new skill and take a class that is related to your career. Sometimes a company will pay for it since it might help you at your job or get you a promotion or raise, so talk to your boss and see if there are any opportunities for you. You’ll probably be able to find something that you two can agree on and it’ll be a really positive, fascinating experience.

You’ll never regret furthering your education and learning new things, so the time is now to do something like this. Have fun and bring what you learn back to your office and kick butt at your job. Everyone will be super impressed with you and you’ll feel really good about yourself for doing this. Only good things will happen as a result of you taking a class.

23-Gemini: Love—Spend A Few Months Single

You don’t like to be on your own but you also don’t like feeling like you’re stuck in the same old, same old routine. That means that you might find yourself staying in relationships just to say that you have someone and so you don’t have to be on your own… but you’ll be miserable since you’ll be so bored. You’ve most likely experienced this at least once. You probably have friends who sigh every time that you’re in a new relationship because they feel like you’re going to repeat the same cycle. It’s a pattern with you and it’s totally something that you need to examine (and break).

Spend a few months living the single life and it’ll be a good thing that you do for your love life. There is no way that this won’t be a positive experience for you.

Even if you get bored being single and really yearn to be in a relationship and have someone special in your life, think of that as a positive result. You’ll really find the right guy once you’re ready to start dating again and you’ll appreciate the person that you end up with instead of just dating for the sake of it.

22-Gemini: Self-Care—Implement “Me Time” Once A Week

You don’t like being on your own, so this self-care idea might make you want to run screaming in the other direction. After all, hating being on your own is one reason why you don’t like the single life and prefer to be in a relationship, even if that person isn’t the right one for you.

It’s important to learn to love yourself, which you’ve probably heard before since this is something that people talk about all the time. This is one of those times when everyone else is completely right. One good way to learn to love yourself is to start spending more time alone and getting to know yourself better. It’ll be uncomfortable at first but will get easier. No, really, it truly will. Just trust the process.

Schedule in “me time” once a week and do something fun, whether you want to sit at home with a good book, binge-watch a TV show, or spend some time cooking. It doesn’t matter what you do, it just matters that you’re learning to love being alone. It might take a while and that’s totally okay. You’ll get there and you’ll learn a lot about yourself in the process for sure.

21-Cancer: Career—Be Polite But Don’t Get Too Close To Your Coworkers

You can get really upset about things and it can ruin your whole day. You know how people say that you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff and that being upset about little things is silly since those don’t matter in the grand scheme of things? Yeah, you kind of hate those people. You don’t want to hear that and it’s not advice that makes sense to you. You absolutely sweat the small stuff (and bigger stuff… and, well, everything).

Instead of getting really close with the people that you work with, keep things polite yet professional. Getting close to your coworkers isn’t going to do you any favors. You don’t want to get too involved in office politics or the personal lives and drama of your coworkers. That will be your first instinct, of course, but it’s not going to be good for you. Soon you’ll get way too wrapped up in their lives and get too upset and it’ll affect your focus at work.

Don’t let drama ruin your hard work, work ethic, and career. That would really suck and be a real shame since you would definitely regret it. Staying professional is never a bad idea, so remember that.

20-Cancer: Love—Trust That Your Partner Loves You

You can be very insecure, which isn’t exactly doing you any favors in your love life. This might be the way that you are, thanks to your zodiac sign, but hey, you don’t have to live that way and you can absolutely make some changes.

Change might be tough and tricky and uncomfortable… and that’s actually a good thing. Why? Because it motivates you to make the changes already so you can get through them and come out happier on the other side. When it comes to what you should do right now in your love life, you should definitely stop being so insecure. It’s just not a good look and is never going to be something that people will find attractive.

When you’re in a relationship, you have to trust that your partner loves you. You can’t walk around thinking, “Well, if I do this then they’re going to break up with me…” or “They don’t actually want to be with me, they feel sorry for me or they loved their ex more.” Those types of thoughts are super negative and are a bad idea. If you’re too insecure, you just might ruin this whole thing, and you’ll absolutely regret that.

19-Cancer: Self-Care—Go Out More

You’re a homebody so going out a lot isn’t exactly your style. And, hey, most people would probably call themselves homebodies these days. It can be so nice and lovely to go home after a long day of work and curl up on the couch, watching whatever you want. That’s especially true in the winter.

The fact that going out a lot isn’t for you is exactly why this would be so good for you. Yeah, it can suck to hear that, especially if you really don’t want to do this, but it’s the truth. It can be great to switch things up and get out of your comfort zone. You already spend so much time at home and so that can’t really count as self-care for you since sometimes, self-care involves doing something that is really good for your soul, even if you didn’t realize it right now. You totally will.

Start small and go out one more time a week than you normally do, and soon you can increase that to a lot more. Who knows? You just might love being more social and doing more things. It could be life-changing and teach you a lot about yourself.

18-Leo: Career—Rise To The Top Or Quit And Start Fresh

Leo signs are the total opposite of shy. You’re not shy as a person and you’re not shy about the kind of career that you want for yourself.

What do you want? Well, it’s simple, really: you want it all and you want it now and you don’t want to wait. Why not go after what you want? Yeah, if you can’t tell already, patience is not a virtue that you hold dear, and it has never been. You are the opposite of shy and patient… which makes you confident, outgoing, and impatient. Sounds about right.

You should definitely further your career by asking your boss for a promotion. Go in there, kick some butt, and be ready to make your case and talk about how hard you work and what your particular special skills are. If that’s not in the cards for whatever reason, because sometimes these things just don’t work out even if you’re the best employee ever, then go ahead and quit. Find a better, higher position somewhere else and make your dreams come true. You don’t want to stop until you get what you want, so you won’t. And you’ll be super satisfied when you get what you’ve been looking for.

17-Leo: Love—Stay Single (Or Get Out Of A One-Sided Relationship)

You’re the kind of person who needs to be treated like a Queen in your relationships. Some guys are okay with that and do it… and others, well, they think that you’re being ridiculous and kind of unfair. You can’t win them all, right?!

Sometimes, your relationships are one-sided because of your royal desires. If you’re not being super fair to your partner and expect them to do everything for you and you don’t listen to what they want or need, then you need to leave. You need to learn to be on your own and be single for a little bit of time. That’s honestly the only what that you’ll figure out how to have a healthier, happier relationship (not just for you but for your partner, too). You definitely need some alone time to regroup and think about your past boyfriends and how things ended with them. Chances are, they told you a lot of things that you didn’t want to hear but would be super helpful to examine right about now.

If you’re single, you should stay that way so you can figure out how to be more caring and less selfish the next time that you meet someone that you want to get to know better.

16-Leo: Self-Care—Do Something For Others

Leos tend to put themselves first which is never a bad thing! You’re the queen of “Me-time” that it’s basically your life motto. Some people think that you’re amazing and confident and wish that they could be more like you… and others think that you may be too selfish. Again, you just can’t win them all.

But what about being selfless and doing something for other people? That’s not in your nature and it’s probably not something that you have thought about before. But change your behavior and actions and reap the benefits. You will honestly feel really good about yourself so this will be a great form of self-care. Help out your friends, family members, or volunteer somewhere for a great cause or charity.

Think about Cher’s awesome and inspiring transformation in the epic classic movie Clueless. You should take a page out of Cher’s book and do something similar. She learned to stop caring about herself so much and think about others, and it worked wonders. She even got a super cute boyfriend out of the whole deal. You might not meet Paul Rudd, but you could meet your own dream guy, and that would be pretty sweet.

15-Virgo: Career—Start Your Own Business

Just like Taurus signs probably get sick and tired of hearing about how super stubborn they are, you probably don’t love hearing that you’re shy and quiet. But, hey, you most likely are, at least sometimes, and at least around strangers. And that’s okay. Learning more about your zodiac sign means embracing your true self and personality.

Since you’re shy and quiet, you’re also very smart and ambitious. Those things tend to go hand in hand and they definitely do for you. Why not start your own business? It could be the single most important thing that you do for yourself.

It would make sense for you to run your own business since you would work super hard and make your dreams come true. You’re also really logical and organized. Those are qualities that you basically need to have if you want to strike out on your own. Otherwise, it’s easy to see how chaotic and stressful things could get. You’ll love the challenge of creating something from nothing and will really thrive on your own. It’ll be super cool to see what you can accomplish. Your friends and family will be so impressed with you and you’ll be really proud of yourself, too.

14-Virgo: Love—Ask Someone Out

Since you can be on the shy and quiet side, chances are, you’re not the kind of girl who gets bold and brave and asks guys out. Asking someone out can be a totally terrifying experience. After all, they could say no and you could get rejected, and no one wants to be rejected. A lot of people shy away from doing certain things because of that fear of rejection, and while that makes sense and is normal, it’s also no way to live.

What should you be doing for your love life if you’re a Virgo sign? You should ask someone out. Go ahead, just do it and be brave. You might be missing out on some really good guys who would be great for you. It will pay off big time in your love life.

When you’re weighing the risks of doing something like this, think about how if you do nothing, you get, well, nothing. You won’t get a boyfriend if you don’t ask a guy out. If you go on a date that sucks, then at least you tried and you had the courage and that is nothing to sneeze at. It won’t be a waste because the next time that you have a crush, you can ask him out.

13-Virgo: Self-Care—Get Enough Alone Time

Virgo signs love spending time alone. They honestly and truly need it and even crave it. This is something that you need to do for yourself when it comes to your self-care practices.

No matter how much you love your boyfriend, friends and family, you just can’t spend all of your time with them. You just can’t. You might have fun with them but if you spend too much time with other people, you’re going to feel seriously burnt out. You’re going to feel irritated and antsy and they might think that you’re mad at them or that something is wrong when, really, you just need to go home and chill for a bit.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing some alone time on a regular basis. Instead of feeling like you need to be more of a social butterfly, maybe like some of your friends, embrace who you actually are and tell yourself that it’s okay. You’re different, you’re who you are, and that’s totally fine. Once you have your alone time and can recharge, you’ll enjoy your life that much more and really appreciate the time that you do spend with the people that you love. It’ll be good.

12-Libra: Career—Bond With Your Coworkers

You love when things are peaceful and are definitely a people person. When people that you care about get hurt or something bad happens to them, it’s pretty hard for you to deal with it. That’s true when you read horrible news and something happened to total strangers. You just want everyone to be happy and get what they deserve.

When it comes to the one thing that you should do for your career, you should start hanging out with your coworkers. You would enjoy your job a lot more and even if you already love it, well, doing this would help you enjoy it that much more. Whether you want to befriend one person and go for coffee with them, or you want to start monthly lunch dates or happy hours with the whole office, that’s up to you.

Chances are, if you work at a nice place with a warm and friendly office environment, your coworkers will be open to this and think that it’s a really good idea. Maybe someone else was thinking about this, too, but was just too shy and insecure to make it happen. Everyone will benefit and it’ll be good for morale and a good bonding experience.

11-Libra: Love—Stand Up For Yourself

Whether you need to fix something in your relationship or tell your boyfriend’s mom to start treating you better, you need to stand up for yourself.

This is not something that comes easily to you. It’s the opposite and always has been. You’re just not one to confront anyone and that’s not how people see you. You like when things are peaceful and when people get along, so telling someone how you feel and that you’re upset with them is just not what you want to be doing. It will feel really strange the first few times that you do this and your boyfriend or the person that you’re speaking to will probably be shocked that you’re standing up for yourself. But they will probably also be super proud of you and impressed, especially since this is not something that they ever thought that you were capable of. It’s pretty cool to prove someone wrong.

There is nothing wrong with speaking your mind and standing your ground. You deserve to get what you want and to tell someone how you feel and that they need to change their behavior. It’s absolutely okay to do this, no matter how weird it feels. Remind yourself that you need to be happy.

10-Libra: Self-Care—Yoga And Meditation

Yoga and meditation are both super trendy right now, the latter in particular. Thanks to apps like Calm and Headspace, more and more people are embracing the art of meditation. And that’s really awesome and such a good thing.

You can feel sorry for yourself and you also never met a grudge that you didn’t love to hold onto, so you should definitely try some yoga and meditation. It will be life-changing and will do so much for you. Yoga and meditation are both self-care practices that work for a lot of people, so you know that there must be something to them. Remember that the first few times that you try them out because they might feel foreign to you, meditation in particular. Whether you want to do yoga at home or go to a class is totally up to you, but meditation you can definitely do in the comfort of your apartment.

You’ll learn to chill out, relax more, and let go. Your anxiety and worries will go away and you won’t believe how amazing you feel. You also might not believe that you didn’t try this until now, but hey, the important thing is that you’re doing it now and that it’s a part of your life.

9-Scorpio: Career—Get A Management Job

Being a Scorpio sign means that you’re a leader and full of passion, and those are definitely awesome qualities to have. Since this is the way that you are, you might as well ensure that you’re using those talents and skills at your job.

When it comes to the one thing that you need to do career-wise, right now, it would be getting a management job. If you’re not currently in charge of other people and have more of a lower-level position at the company that you work at, you can talk to your boss about the possibility of becoming a manager. Why not ask them about taking on more responsibility? It never looks bad to want to do more and work harder. You really never know what could happen and what they could say. They just might say that they’ve been thinking about that for a while and are so happy that you brought it up, and that would be awesome.

If that’s not in the cards, then you can for sure get another job that allows you to work on your manager skills and really shine. You owe it to yourself to further your career and see everything that you can accomplish.

8-Scorpio: Love—Do Everything You Can To Make A Good Relationship Last

When it comes to how you behave when you’re in a relationship, you definitely have some things going against you. Sorry, but hey, everyone does and everyone has flaws, so this is true of every zodiac sign. You don’t want to tell anyone your secrets, which is a shame since sharing secrets and being vulnerable is part of a healthy relationship. You don’t always trust people, which is also a shame since trust is a necessary component of a relationship. And you also may sometimes be a green-eyed monster… which, as you can probably tell, won’t do you any favors.

So what should you do for your love life if you’re a Scorpio sign? You should make sure that you do everything that you can to make a good relationship last. If you like someone and want to be with them, then you should make that happen. Don’t let your flaws and faults ruin it.

It’s all too easy to get into the same rhythms and patterns in every relationship that you enter, but that’s only going to cause a big break-up. Tell yourself that it’s totally normal to have flaws but that you deserve to find happiness within a relationship.

7-Scorpio: Self-Care—Go On Long Walks

As a Scorpio, you’re an emotional person. This can show up in a ton of different ways, but mostly, if you don’t process your emotions all the time, you could become a very angry, bitter person. And you’ve most likely heard that bitterness is a pretty bad thing. It’s definitely not the way that you want to live your life… and it’s only going to ruin your relationships and annoy everyone around you. Do your friends and family members want to be around a super bitter, pissed off person? That would be a “no way.”

Since you’re so emotional, you need to make sure that you deal with those feelings. What should you do for your self-care practice? Try going on long walks. It’s a perfect self-care activity for you since it’ll give you a chance to slow down and think.

You’ll have the time and space to deal with your feelings and can work through anything that’s getting you down and bothering you. Even if you’re not sure what’s wrong and feel like things are normal but feel a bit off, a long walk (especially if it’s a nice day) will make you feel better and make you realize exactly what’s going on.

6-Sagittarius: Career—Go Freelance

If there’s one thing that you know about yourself as a Sagittarius sign, it’s that the word “freedom” is totally your middle name. Okay, okay, so it’s not really your actual middle name, but you get the point. It should be because this is a word that you feel so strongly and it’s the way that you want to live your life.

Since you love feeling free, that means that you absolutely love to travel. You really can’t imagine staying in one place. That means that the one thing that you should do for your career is going freelance. Instead of getting a typical 9-to-5 job in an office, work for yourself. You can live the life that you’ve been dreaming off and work from anywhere. You’ll be happy since you’ll feel much freer. Even if you have moments when you wonder if you should be like everyone else and get an office job, remember that it would be really hard for you to stay in one place (and stay in the same office all the time). That might work for others but not for you.

That is just not who you are. Going freelance would allow you to follow your dreams, still travel, and feel great.

5-Sagittarius: Love—Stop Leading People On

Since you’re so big on freedom, it makes sense that you tend to call the people that you date clingy, even if, let’s be real here, they’re not even close to being clingy. It’s not your fault. You just can’t handle someone texting you all the time and wanting to hang out all the time and wanting to be super involved in your life. While that might be the relationship dream for most people, that’s just not how you roll.

You want to be “free” to do anything that you want and go anywhere that you want. That matters to you more than falling in love and being in a serious, long-term relationship. Since this is the case, you need to stop leading people on. It’s not fair to them. You don’t want to be tied down and you don’t want to commit to anyone. While that absolutely sucks for anyone who likes you, it’s your right to do whatever you want.

But it’s just not that nice to lead people on and make them think that you’re ever going to be their girlfriend when that’s just not in the cards. Stop doing that and you’ll feel much better (and much freer, which is the point).

4-Sagittarius: Self-Care—Always Have A Trip Planned

It’s no secret by now that you love to travel. It’s good for your soul. It makes you feel more like yourself. Actually, you don’t even feel like yourself unless you can go somewhere. Travel is who you are. Other people might say that you need to settle down and put down roots and whatever else… and you absolutely hate hearing that. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Travel is good for you.

Since you love to travel so much, you should definitely always have a trip planned. Even just a brief weekend getaway will do so many good things for you. It for sure counts as a form of self-care since when you’re traveling, you feel really good and you get to relax and let your hair down. You love to explore and have adventures. While some people might think that staying home one weekend and relaxing would be self-care, that just wouldn’t work for you. It would basically be your worst nightmare because you would get bored and antsy.

It’s always a good idea to embrace who you really are and listen to your inner nature. This is yours. Make sure that you always keep moving and exploring and you’ll be happy.

3-Capricorn: Career—Get Promoted

Every zodiac sign has their strengths. One of yours is the fact that you’re a great leader. You’re definitely very confident at work, which comes in handy. Just think about all the times that you need to be confident. Some people just can’t feel that way about themselves and, instead, they “fake it til they make it.” But that’s not you. You’re lucky enough to have pretty much been born with confidence, and it shows. People admire this about you.

If you haven’t had a promotion in a while (or at all), then this is the one thing that you need to do for your career. Your time is definitely now. Just think about your skills and talents and talk to your boss about doing more for the company and getting more responsibility.

This is all about selling yourself and being confident and convincing them. Since you’re so naturally confident and secure with yourself, this will be fairly simple for you and will truly be no big deal. Embrace your confident self and go after what you want. You deserve to rise to the top and feel like you’re respected and appreciated. It’ll only be a positive experience for you.

2-Capricorn: Love—Be More Easy-Going

How do you deal with relationships? Unfortunately, the news isn’t super great, since you can be really stubborn. You’re a very traditional person and always want things to go a certain way. But, as you’ve probably figured out by now, that’s not the best way to be when you’re dating someone. Having some expectations is normal since of course you want the guy that you’re seeing to call himself your boyfriend and things should progress. But having too many and too high expectations can be unfair to the other person since it’s not like they can read your mind (or they probably can’t, anyway).

It’s time for you to let go of your stubborn nature. Learn to accept whatever is going on and become more easy-going with your partner. They will love you and thank you for it.

This might feel super strange at first. If you and your boyfriend have been together for a year and aren’t engaged, but your sister was with her now-husband for that period of time before he popped the question, you might wonder why you can’t have the same thing. Let go of that way of thinking and realize that things will happen the way that they are meant to (no, really).

1-Capricorn: Self-Care—Have More Fun

As a Capricorn, you can be a pretty serious person. You have low expectations for certain situations and can worry that things won’t work out. A lot of people feel this way, not just Capricorns, but this way of thinking is super strong for you. It can really get under your skin and threaten to ruin a lot of moments for you. You know when you keep trying not to think about something but just can’t help it? That’s you… 24/7.

You need to have more fun, which is totally self-care prescription. You need to make sure that you see your friends and let loose on a regular basis. Invite a few good friends over for dinner once a month. Schedule drinks dates with your friends. If you find getting healthy and working out fun, then try a few new classes (and maybe invite a friend to join to make it more of a social occasion).

You can literally do anything, as long as you find it fun, and you’ll have a good time. Fun looks different for everyone, which is pretty cool since our differences make us so interesting. Once you smile more often and let fun into your life, you won’t believe how good you feel. And that’s the whole point, isn’t it?!

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