Some of us looking at the most famous women will wonder how they can always be so beautiful, slim and perfect. The answer is within your reach: the lemon diet!

It would be necessary first of all to start from the assumption of how really important it is to be beautiful or perfect as a Jennifer Aniston, since I am of the idea that each of us is beautiful for a thousand reasons and must not be “beautiful as …”. Starting from comparisons is never good for health and psyche. Instead, let’s try to discover this new trend in the lemon diet . 

The lemon came out of the fridge to enter our tables, in fact this is the new fashion that depopulated as a diet coming directly from Hollywood. 

Philosophy and basic principles of the lemon diet
The lemon diet would exploit the properties of this fruit, full of energy, vitality and able to eliminate toxins from our body, but certainly not magical. In fact the love handles will not go away with lemon juice, if you do not associate adequate physical activity to your real needs on the diet. Also, like all star dietary regimes, you need to pay attention to the calories introduced, often really at the limit of Brahmin fasting! 
This diet starts from the principle of cleansing toxins , to be removed from our body, because it also causes serious diseases. 
The second principle is related to the moderation of the food that we daily introduce, as excess is never healthy.
The third principle is the maintenance of a good digestion , which is the basis of the prevention of the most feared diseases, especially of the intestine. Example of a lemon dietThrough this diet the healthy foods, which they see in lemon, the king par excellence, will be indicated, capable of purifying and favoring digestion, thus satisfying the principles described above. In this regimen it is advisable to drink a lot during the day of the glasses of lemonade at room temperature (2 tablespoons of lemon juice + 30 cl of water + 2 tablespoons of maple syrup or a cinnamon stick). 

This is a program of detox days, in which the diet could be represented and summarized as follows:

  • Morning alarm: 1 glass of lemonade
  • Breakfast (30 min after the alarm): fruit salad with 5 red fruits ( strawberries , raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, cherries) + 1 apple + 1 pear + 1 handful of unroasted or salted almonds
  • Snack: 1 glass of lemonade + 1 fruit rich in potassium (such as the banana ) + 1 handful of sunflower or pumpkin seeds
  • Lunch: Salad of legumes seasoned with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Snack: 1 glass of lemonade + seasonal raw vegetables to taste, as a quantity or alternatively a small handful of unsalted nuts.
  • Dinner: grilled lean fish with lemon juice or grilled meat + boiled vegetables
  • 2 hours before going to bed: 1 glass of warm or hot lemonade

In case you feel like a sweet, a slice of wholemeal bread or a whole biscuit will be permitted. 

Criticality of the diet 
From these general characteristics it can be deduced to be a fairly rigid diet, detox, with the absence of slow absorption carbohydrates . So an unbalanced diet lacking that primary energy that the body needs daily or sugars (especially complex), which in the right quantity are fundamental.
The introduction into our diet of lemon juice in the salad as a condiment or a glass of water and lemon in the morning is acceptable for all the principles and the wholesomeness of the fruit itself, but a diet of several days so set can, if not followed by a doctor, also be risky for the body.

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