When you are considering the impact of the universe on your personality and the people around you, the most common consideration is that of the sun. Most often referred to simply as your ‘Zodiac sign,’ your sun sign reveals the location of the sun at the time of your birth, and in doing so provides a valuable insight into the way that the sun’s energy influences us.

Let’s be honest – even those that don’t necessarily believe in astrology or go out of their way to read their horoscopes have a basic understanding of the signs. For example, if you’re a Taurus then everyone knows you’re incredibly stubborn, while a Leo is so proud that they often border on being full of themselves. What most people don’t realize is that your sun sign is only one of many influences from the Universe that astrologists pay attention to.

In fact, every planet carries its own influence, as does the moon. Each is associated with a different part of our lives and personality, revealing where its influence is most likely to be felt. The planet Venus, for example, is known as ‘The Planet of Love and Money,’ and its influence is most often felt in the areas of love, romance and harmony in our relationships with other people. If you are looking to better understand why you connect with people the way that you do, or how you respond in your love life, then you should spend some time researching where Venus was at the time of your birth, and what that means for you.

The Moon is an often overlooked and yet incredibly powerful influence. Also known as the ‘Ruler of Emotions,’ it is associated with matters of the heart and soul, such as our emotional state, the way we respond to various situations and how likely we are to open ourselves up to the people in our lives.

One way to better understand the influence of the Moon on our lives is through our ‘Shadow Moon Name.’ What does this refer to? This is a term that was first coined by the Phoenix, the Soul of the Sun. While the name associated with this spirit may change from culture to culture (for example, Ba or Ra, the Sun God), its influence is generally written about as being significant in our lives. In this case, it is said that the Phoenix assigned a name to each us of us based on the month and day of our birth.

Discover Your Shadow Moon Name, And What It Reveals About Your Life:

It’s actually incredibly easy to determine your own Shadow Moon Name. Each consists of two different parts, and each of these parts describes one aspect of your being. The first is dictated by the month that you were born, for example, January is Ancient. These are relatively broad descriptions creating the initial foundation for all that your Shadow Moon Name will reveal about you. After you have read that description, continue on to your day of birth. Each day will be associated with a different part of the name, the 1st of the month, for example, is Leader. These are more specific descriptions building upon the first. Using this example, those born on January 1st share the Shadow Moon Name of Ancient Leader. Interested in discovering your own? Read on…

Locate The Month That You Were Born To Learn The First Part Of Your Shadow Moon


January: Ancient

Much like the wolves that howl to the moon in the dead of the January winter nights, you are highly connected to the people in your inner circle. This may include your family or those that you have come to accept as family. Furthermore, as the first month of the year, you are a natural born leader. You may not realize it, but you have been given an incredible gift to lead if you can just learn to trust in yourself.

February: Snow

When studying folk magic, it is believed that the true power and beauty of snow is prevalent throughout the month of February. It is at this time that snow empowers any attempt at a fresh start or purification of one’s life. This is the area of life in which you are blessed, helping others to let go of the pains of their past, releasing negativity and facing the world like a clean slate before them.

March: Sugar

During the month of March, we begin to leave winter behind us, instead, welcoming in the early signs of spring. Among these is the flow of the sugary maple sap. Spring is the time in which the seeds begin to sprout, bringing about new and exciting creations. You are uniquely able to see these seeds in your own life and the life of others, opening the door to great accomplishments and lofty goals. Embrace this, it will take you far.

April: Pink

As we fully enter into spring we are blessed with the beautiful flowers and colors of spring, bringing happiness, peace, and romance to our lives. This coincides with the beauty that you bring the world, spreading love and happiness to all who know you. You are a true romantic at heart, even if you don’t show it. Embrace this side of your personality and watch your love life blossom and flourish.

May: Flower

As we continue to celebrate the beauty of spring, let’s focus even more on the flowers that blanket the ground around us. This the time when those flowers offer nourishment to a number of various bugs, insects, and birds while allowing their own pollen to be spread. This concept of fertility and reproduction carries into your life in the sense that you can create anything you want in this world. Don’t doubt yourself, if you truly put your mind to it, then you can make it happen.

June: Strawberry

The month of June is the peak of strawberry picking season, a time where we are able to enjoy the abundance that we have been blessed with. This prosperity is the influence that carries over into your life, calling on you to take the steps necessary to expand and grow through this life. The strawberries are a clear representation that if you put the time, energy and love into something, you will reap the rewards tenfold.

July: Buck

Throughout the month of July, the buck deer is able to graze in the beautiful green fields of the world, enjoying the life that it has been given. This harmony is one that you too should seek in your life, realizing that if you take all the necessary steps to keep your life in order and don’t back away from your responsibilities, you too can ‘graze in the beautiful green fields,’ basking in the beautiful sunshine of this life.

August: Red

As we begin to reach the end of the summer, this is the time of summer heat and the beautiful reds of the sunset over the calm waters around us. During August many will return to nature – hiking, canoeing, and camping. This will provide you with the time to reflect on the way that everything is connected, reminding you that you are just one piece of an even bigger picture. Allow yourself to truly connect with others and work together to accomplish even more in this life.

September: Harvest

Fall has officially arrived with the month of September, and this is the time that is associated with the harvest of many of the crops that have been planted. In many religions, the month of September is an important and meaningful time spiritually. Don’t take this for granted. Take the time to pay attention to your own spiritual gifts, especially that of intuition. If you listen carefully, this inner voice is often incredibly accurate!

October: Blood

Throughout history, the month of October was believed to be an important month for the hunter, honoring the animals whose lives were given so that they, and their family, could survive. While you may not actively hunt to feed your own family, you can still embrace the underlying message of this time by taking time to reflect on the gifts you have been given. Honor all the opportunities that you have been given by focusing on strengthening your aura and increasing your positive energy.

November: Dark

As the days begin to get significantly shorter, the month of November is far darker than those leading up to this point. While some may see this darkness as a negative thing, there is a true power contained within it if you are willing to open your heart and mind. Much like this darkness, people often overlook your own power and strength. Don’t worry about impressing others or proving yourself, keep plugging forward towards your goals and dreams and enjoy the great success that awaits you.

December: Oak

The final month of the year, the trees now stand barren and yet they still tower over us powerful and strong. Their time isn’t over, they are merely hibernating while they wait for their next time to shine. This is a reflection of how you handle the highs and lows of life. While others may fall apart during times of trial, you merely retreat within yourself trusting that if you continue to stand strong this time will pass, and you will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel. Never lose this hope.

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1st of the Month: Leader

Independent and confident, you know what you want in life and nothing is going to stand in your way. Those around you look up to you with respect, willingly following you in this life. This often lands you in leadership positions in all that you do.

2nd of the Month: Diplomat

There is nothing that you value more in life than balance and harmony, eager to make everyone happy at all times. Unfortunately, this isn’t realistic, and you are going to find yourself faced with heartache and disappointment. Don’t let it close off your heart.

3rd of the Month: Enthusiast

You face life with a smile on your face and a skip in your step, your charismatic personality radiating like a light everywhere that you go, drawing people to you. They may not be able to put their finger on the exact reason why, but everyone wants to be your friend. Never let your light burn out, you are the hope that people need in the darkest days.

4th of the Month: Reliable

Hard working and trustworthy, those around you know that they can always count on you to stand true to your word and do whatever it takes to accomplish the task at hand. You are the friend that everyone can lean on but be cautious – if you drain yourself caring for others, you will have nothing left to give.

5th of the Month: Socialiser

You have been blessed with an incredible gift for communication, able to express yourself eloquently in any situation and any medium. You always have the right words, even if the situation appears to be impossible. This is a great gift that can bring you success if you learn to harness it to your advantage.

6th of the Month: Lover

While others may be focused on career goals or financial success, the one thing you want more than anything else is to find your soulmate and build a strong, meaningful and lasting relationship. Sure, you can succeed at many things solo, but you will always feel as though something is missing.

7th of the Month: Visionary

You are uniquely blessed with an incredibly powerful intuition, one that can truly change the world if you learn to listen to and strengthen it. Your biggest struggle will come in learning to trust your own inner voice instead of always trusting in the opinions of everyone else around you.

8th of the Month: Boss

A bit of a control freak, you struggle to work with others. However, if you are in a situation where you can work alone you will thrive and achieve great success. You like to be the one calling the shots and are great at delegating tasks based on people’s strengths.

9th of the Month: Genius

Your true gift in this life is that of genius, even if you don’t see it. This doesn’t necessarily mean book smarts, a mistake that’s often made when the word ‘genius’ is thrown around. Instead, this refers to your wisdom and your incredible ability to find a solution to any problem thrown your way.

10th of the Month: Transmuter

While many people thrive in life by following the rules, you are the exact opposite. You were truly put here on earth to push boundaries, break the rules and step into the unknown. This will empower you to discover new paths and survive even the most difficult of times.

11th of the Month: Equalizer

There is nothing that bothers you more than situations of conflict, pushing you to find a quick and efficient situation to every problem. This ability to find peace and harmony in the face of conflict is your true gift in life and shouldn’t be overlooked.

12th of the Month: Catalyst

You are an incredible ball of energy just waiting to be tapped. When you get involved in a situation or connect closely with an individual, you can truly change them by providing them with the drive necessary to do great things. You personally may not be the face of success, but you’re often the one behind it.

13th of the Month: Winner

There is no one better positioned to succeed in life, if only you learn to trust in your own abilities. You have a determination and tenacity that refuses to settle for anything less than the best, and when tapped it is this mindset that will take you great places in life.

14th of the Month: Traveller

Your heart is that of a wanderer, eager to experience all that this life has to offer and refusing to be tied down. You fear the idea of being trapped or caged, which can cause trouble when it comes to your love life, however, if you find someone willing to be your partner in life they will embrace your adventurous side.

15th of the Month: Enchanter/Enchantress

No one can quite put their finger on it, but you are truly magnetic. Your ability to hypnotize those that you met will allow you to convince others to do whatever you desire, allowing you to harness the strengths and abilities of those around you. Use this power responsibly.

16th of the Month: Outlander

Starting at a young age you have felt as though you don’t quite ‘belong’ in the world that you are living in. You feel like an outsider, which is both a curse and a blessing. While you may struggle to truly connect with others, your fresh perspective can open your eyes to the bigger picture of the Universe.

17th of the Month: Gift

There isn’t one gift that is specifically assigned to you. Instead, you are the modern-day renaissance man/woman, truly capable of accomplishing anything you set your heart on. Regardless of what you decide to try, you succeed, making you the envy of all around you. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Listen to your heart and it will reveal the path you are destined to travel.

18th of the Month: Inspiration

You have a unique ability to recognize the gifts of those around you, helping them to find their calling in life, the path that will lead them to success. For this reason, you may not be revelling in great success personally, but you know of many examples of success that you played a significant part in making happen and that is more than enough for you.

19th of the Month: Achiever

No one can accuse you of over thinking a situation, after all, you tend to forget to put any forethought or planning in at all. You are a man/woman of action, jumping right in without hesitation. It is important to note, however, that you will find greater success if you pause just a moment to consider your options.

20th of the Month: Empath

Sensitive and compassionate, you are naturally gifted in the ability to identify the thoughts, feeling and emotions of those around you. This allows you to bring healing and peace to others but be careful hat you don’t take on too much yourself or you will eventually feel so overwhelmed that you will explode in a mess of emotions.

21st of the Month: Grace

You have an almost magical way of communicating, connecting deeply with anyone that you encounter. Others look up to you as an example of success and happiness, however, they may not see past the image you choose to portray. Allow yourself to trust those that you are closest to with your vulnerable side, it will help you to deal with ALL of life’s emotions, not just the positive ones.

22nd of the Month: Calibrator

Over time you have developed an incredible ability to line up your intuition and your intellect, which has ultimately empowered you to succeed on any project you deem to be worth your time. Why is success guaranteed? You don’t jump in without thinking through the possible outcomes first, allowing you to thrive in situations that may seem impossible to most.

23rd of the Month: Medium

You possess a gift of connection and communication that exceeds life as we know it here on earth. You may notice that you see recurring signs regularly in your life, or you have incredibly life-like dreams. These are messages from those who have passed. If you take the time to listen, you would be surprised to see just how many are communicating with you at any given time.

24th of the Month: Nurturer

Have your friends ever referred to you as the mother/father of your social circle? You have a natural desire to care for everyone else around you, giving your love and affection and lifting them up in any way you see possible. This is a great gift, just don’t forget about yourself and your own needs in the process.

25th of the Month: Guide

Your ability to see where you are going in life and predict what is yet to come empowers you to help others discover the life path that they are destined to travel. While your friends and family don’t know quite understand how, they know that you always have the best advice, and turn to you when they need guidance and direction.

26th of the Month: Force

When you set your mind on something, there is NOTHING that can stand in your way. You are determined, focused and driven, fighting your way through life’s greatest challenges with complete tunnel vision. You are focused on success, and you aren’t going to settle for less. Tip: You would benefit from listening to others from time to time.

27th of the Month: Analyst

Focused on the finer details in life, you are able to break down and analyze every situation that you come up against, weighing your pros and cons. This unique ability to truly step back and see the world around you though an unbiased lens is an incredible gift, one that others admire you for.

28th of the Month: Risk-Taker

You understand that the only true path to growth in life is to step out of your comfort zone and take a risk. Sure, it may be uncomfortable, but you aren’t one to be intimidated. When things get difficult or out of hand, you are usually the one cleaning it up simply because you aren’t afraid to put your neck on the line.

29th of the Month: Counselor

Open-minded and free from judgment, you are the person that everyone feels comfortable talking to, regardless of what they are currently going though. Your friends and family always turn to you when faced with a challenge which is great but be sure to establish healthy boundaries for your own mental and emotional well-being.

30th of the Month: Charisma

You are the true entertainer in your social circle, always bringing a smile to the faces of those around you even during the most challenging of times. For this reason, you work great on a team as you are able to motivate others to keep working despite frustration, setbacks or failures along the way.

31st of the Month: Alchemist

Gifted with a creative outlook of the world around you, you are uniquely capable of creating positive outcomes out of even the most negative and toxic situations. With a contagious energy and optimism, you can turn any situation around, allowing you to rise above life’s darkest times.

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