Astrology helps you to understand much better the relationship that exists between The Earth and Sky, body and soul ,including more comprehension among people. It is a way of being protected against a low level of culture of those people too, whether they make you suffering much then , you can try telling them what they don t expect to hear from you.

Life becomes easier for all of us. Twelve signs and their vital circumstances are enough to show and find a smile each day.

Astrology is the oldest among sciences. Its origins can be traced back to the beginning of the cosmos and it will be relevant as long as the universe exists. Astrology is the soul of astronomy. Through astrology we may know about our

Business and professions

Love and romance

Familial and domestic life

Relationship with friends, families, neighbors and partners

Educations and careers

Money and finances etc

The astrology is very important for almost all . As it helps us to expose the future and also provide the forecasts of the issue which is often occur later on along with provides the remedies of the issues . The astrology is one of the fundamental instrument by which one can be know about oneself . Astrology consists of a number of perception techniques that hold that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena as well as occasions or information of personality in the human globe .

Astrology has been rejected by the scientific community as having no explanatory power for describing the universe.The aim of astrology is also to direct people to live a certain way. The original purpose of astrology was to inform the people of the course of their life on the basis of the positions of the planets and of the twelve astrology signs at the moment of their birth or conception.

Reasons for belief

People believe in astrology for various reasons:

– From experience. What the astrologer says is true and helpful.

– People long for order and meaning free of human judgement.

– Astrology operates on a higher level, like a religion.

– Astrology knows more about the person than the person does.

In short, astrology is personal. It balances strong and weak points and shows a way out. Nowadays few situations make me personally important, such as at church, at the tax office, and at airline counters. On the other hand, astrology cannot take any burden off me, or abolish my contradictions and serious past, or prevent future difficulties.


Here the liabilities exist on different levels:

– Astrology might include an unbearable fatalism.

– Astrology might tempt a misuse of its power.

– Astrology’s language is abstract and fits many others as well.

– Astrology seems closer to fantasy than to logical thinking.

– Astrology doesn’t reveal where its rules of work come from.

– Astrologers disagree on the interpretation of the used symbols.

– The jargon only raises feelings in the client, not proper knowledge.

– People want to believe. The result is a “self-fulfilling prophecy”.

All protests against astrology can be reduced to this: Man loses his responsibility, and his duties of active living are neglected. Some astrological schools reply “Stars don’t force, they only favour.” So men have a little free will? It sounds like being a little pregnant.

Of course, the protests often rise from an emotional level. “There must be something which can be done against fate.” But such protests could be applied to every science, religion, or art, by simply saying: “I don’t believe it because I can’t believe it — and because I don’t want to believe it”.

How astrology can help daily living

So what can astrology do? This is the question now. What does it offer compared with other modes of thinking? I see the advantages as:

– Objectivity. The birth chart is independent of individual opinions.

– Detail. Almost every aspect of life can be exactly described.

But if we want to explain the extent to which astrology can help life, we have to leave the level of scientific discussion. We come to areas that are philosophical, even theological. Astrology can help life because it shows I can’t experience anything that doesn’t belong to me. It also resolves the apparent conflict between determination and responsibility, because birth is the beginning of following a certain path. To follow is responsible living. To follow the path is called determination.

Even if astrology were based on error or deception, it would make me conscious of the connection with other people, as if I were praying: “Give to us our daily neighbour, today.” Nor does it matter whether it is true or not; more important is whether it is true for me.

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