When you google the term ‘astrology’ you will be met with over 2 million different websites, each discussing aspects, and topics that appeal to the 33% of Americans that currently believe in the impact of the Universal energy that this study represents. This includes everything from the well-known zodiac signs to the impact of the lunar phases, the movement of the planets and how they impact our lives to the lesser known relationships between the planets.

Each of these factors works together to paint a big picture of who we are as a person and the opportunities that this life has to offer us.

This energy, better known as the ‘Universal Life Energy’ can be felt in everything that we do. It encourages our success, influences relationships and reveals who we truly are on a deep, fundamental level. Each of the planets is associated with its own unique energy signature, one that speaks to a specific set of traits and areas of our lives. For this reason, aspects of our own personalities will attract us to one planet over another. What could this reveal about you?

Which Planet Are You Drawn To? You Answer Reveals Your True Inner Self

Looking at the picture above, select one of the planets. Don’t overthink this, in fact, don’t think about this at all. Instead, follow your heart and your gut instinct. Which of these planets immediately catches your attention and speaks to you? Once you have selected, read on to discover what this reveals about your inner self.


Those who are drawn to the planet Neptune are the dreamers and the genuinely spiritual individuals of the world. You are the people who aren’t confined to the physical and mental aspects of the world that we live in, seeing beyond all that to the deeper meaning of the Universe. The biggest tool that you have, and often overlooked, comes when you close your eyes. Pay careful attention to your dreams, they carry important, hidden messages. Learning to recognize, interpret and apply these messages to your day to day life will give you an incredible boost in your path to reaching your greatest goals and dreams.


The planet Saturn stands out unique from the rest of the options due to the rings that surround it, and this couldn’t be a clearer depiction of who you are. You are a unique and one-of-a-kind individual with a magnetic personality, attracting others to you everywhere you go. People flock to you, like the rings on the planet, eager to benefit from your influence. You are the glue in your social circle, pulling everyone together and helping them to work together and gel as a team. This impact is important not only in your personal life, but it is a huge benefit in the workplace where you can bring even the most unlikely teammates together.


Associated with the God of War, the planet Mars is one that attracts drive, determination, courage, and passion. You know what you want in this life, and you aren’t going to allow anyone to stand in your way. You likely have a temper, so do your best to keep this think before acting to avoid saying or doing something you will come to regret. When you love, you love with your whole heart. There are times when you will be hurt, after opening yourself to those that you thought you could trust. Don’t allow that experience to close you off. Push through the pain, and you will come through as a stronger individual on the other side.


Those that are called to the planet Jupiter are genuine, compassionate and giving. You know who you are, and you are comfortable in your own skin. Rather than worrying about how to get yourself ahead, or feeding your ego, you turn your time and attention on lifting up those around you. These are the lovers and the cheerleaders, and without them, many of us would never reach the heights that we have in life. If you are a Jupiter soul, you are truly a gift to this world. Continue on this journey being true to yourself and wearing your heart on your sleeve, you are already part of something great even if you can’t see it.


Well-known as the planet of love, those who are drawn to the planet Venus are a light in the darkness of this world. When you walk into a room you bring a smile to the face of everyone around you, your positivity and joy spreading to even the darkest of corners. You are highly creative, expressing yourself through things like music, dance, art, baking, writing and more. Like your personality, your creations are full of life, sharing your optimistic outlook with the rest of the world. When life throws you challenges, you find the silver lining, spinning the situation to work to your advantage and walking out into the light in a better position then when you faced the first signs of hardship.


Associated with success and intuition, those that are drawn to the planet Mercury are highly in tune with their own inner voice and the messages that it is trying to deliver on a daily basis. You’re that person that just knows when something is off, even when you can’t put your finger on why. When you do trust your intuition it is rarely wrong, guiding you down a path to happiness and success. You are a special and rare gift in this world, with this being the planet that is least likely to be chosen. Know your worth, and all that you bring to the table. Trust your intuition, share your opinions and stand up for that which you know to be true.

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