First Paragraph:


The darkest era possible arrived in the Language Realm. In this era languages were no longer considered useful. They were no longer taught to humans and nor spoken except for one language, the English language. He enjoyed absolute hegemony over other languages, so that, the rest of the languages suffered. However, twelve brave languages decided to put an end to this situation. They were determined to be taught and spoken again as they had been in the golden era. That’s why they started off searching for the Language Guru.

They went through dark forests, they crossed over rivers, and  they passed huge mountains when finally they found the Language Guru. They told him their problem immediately because they knew that they didn’t have much time to waste. After listening to their story, the Guru spoke in this way:

– The only solution to your problem is finding the right persons whose zodiac signs fit you, guys. Humans’ learning behaviors are determined by their zodiac, so your matches will be willing to learn your languages. And you will be taught and spoken again in this way. We have to work hard from now so that we can find your right learners for each of you. I am going to divide you into four groups in order to proceed faster. I am going to call the humans according to their zodiac signs in each group and match them with their perfect language-mate.

The first group will be the Fire-group.

Aries: You are very energetic. You love communicating, so that when you travel to a new country, you will check some of the grammar and vocabulary of its language. Thanks to your unfailing enthusiasm you learn fast, but sometimes superficially. You are very impulsive, so your perfect match would be an energetic, joyful language in which you can express your love. That is Spanish.

Leo: You learn rapidly with playful methods and by having fun. You learn by watching movies in the original versions and putting your knowledge into practice from the very beginning. But you need challenges. You are proud and you like showing off your skills. You like gaining knowledge about curious and interesting things. The language you choose must be delightful and cool. That’s why the perfect match for you is Swahili.

Sagittarius: You are very optimistic, outgoing and like exploring new places and cultures. You like exotic things, you are very curious by nature. Your field of interest is wide. When you decide to learn a language, you definitely don’t stop until you achieve fluency. After all, you prefer to put yourself in concrete situations to learn.  You would love to learn an exotic language which is spoken by many people. Your language is Chinese.


2nd Paragraph:

As soon as the first group was set up, the world of languages was about to change. The languages of the Fire group were happy because they regained the status of taught languages. They found their perfect human matches. The Guru had ascertained that his method was working. Now, it was time to set the next group up too, namely the Earth-group.  

Taurus: You are determined and when you decide to learn a foreign language, you complete it in every aspect. You learn its grammar and vocabulary as well, because in your opinion, these are the bases of a language, but you don’t ignore the communication part either. You are pragmatic, and naturally you enjoy organizing social events, so that you can practice your target language. You are very social and you see your friends as they were part of your family. Your perfect match is Italian.

Virgo: You have a great predisposition for language learning. You tend to memorize vocabulary lists and grammar rules until you reach perfection. You know the grammar even better than native speakers. You are very studious and you like acquiring even the slightest details of a language. You are very practical, but due to your inferiority complex, you avoid communicating in social situations. You like meaningful conversations. You would like a difficult language like Japanese.

Capricorn: You learn languages when you find them useful for your career. When you start studying, you progress fast. You don’t immerse yourself in details, but you dedicate enough time to study. You prefer to put into practice what you learned, so the grammar interests you only for reasons of being able to communicate. Probably you already know English, so you would like to learn a language which is similar to English, so that you don’t need to make a big effort to reach your goal. German is perfect for you.

And you? Which language would you have to learn based on your zodiac?


To be continued ! so Stay tuned 😉

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