Let the starry skies reveal answers about what’s in store for your zodiac sign – and your sleep – in the new year

Very soon we’ll be putting 2018 to bed once and for all, but before that, it’s important to look back through the year at the lessons learned. Then you’ll be ready for 2019, a brand new year full of promise and hope. What should you do to make the most of it? Look to the stars for the best answers and advice on how to make 2019 your best and most restful year ever.


This past year, you’ve tried in vain to find that magical and mythical off switch for your brain to fall asleep. Now, it’s time to truly learn how to quiet your busy mind and take steps to easy on the brakes to the constant flurry of thoughts. It’s time to get serious about sleep hygiene. For you, that means keeping your phone out of the bedroom while you sleep. Social media and news reading can wait. Instead, use guided meditation before you hit the sheets.

Fast sleep fix: Ban distractions from your bedroom so you can get the full benefit of the recharge that sleep provides.


There’s no shame in loving the finer things of life but, to a degree, they’ve caused you to lose your way to a good night’s sleep. They aren’t making you happier and you still become easily annoyed when things don’t go your way. This is your year to let go of the small stuff and refocus your efforts on what really matters, like sleep. Though you adore good food and wine, over-indulging too close to bedtime has been messing with your rest. Ease up earlier in the evening, then switch to sleep-boosting bedtime snacks, like bananas and yogurt.

Fast sleep fix: It doesn’t have to always be your way or the highway. There’s room for compromise in the bedroom by setting bedtime that works for you and your life schedule. Don’t be afraid to experiment.


Your restless spirit is preventing you from enjoying the benefits of a full night of restorative sleep. What’s more, your indecisiveness and insistence on thinking through every option is delaying your ability to fall asleep. In 2018, retrain your brain by trusting your instincts and jumping feet first into decisions. Don’t delay buying some new sleep essentials, including a new mattress and pillows for your bedroom. Splurge on quality and don’t listen to that nagging inner voice that questions everything.

Fast sleep fix: As a Gemini, you might loathe routine, but when it comes to your sleep, give yourself permission to stick to a regular bedtime.


Last year, other people’s drama knocked you off your game. Healthy habits took a back seat to trying to be a supportive friend and confidante to so many. With the dust settling this year, you’ll be able to go back to the things that make you happiest. Pick up old hobbies, go for a walk or enjoy a gentle yoga session before heading to bed. Refuse to be drawn into no-win situations and instead, protect your sleep time. You can still be compassionate, but boundaries will help safeguard your sleep health.

Fast sleep fix: Focus on making your bedroom a tranquil oasis by banishing clutter and eliminating anything that interrupts sleep.


As the lion of the zodiac, you don’t have to be sold on the value of healthy sleep. But even a good thing has limits. Keep your naps to less than an hour and curb the tendency to sleep late too often. These are go-to avoidance habits when you’re trying to sidestep conflict or dodge making tough decisions. Simplicity appeals to Leos, so consider a bedroom makeover. Opt for a more minimalist look and tame your color choices in favor of those that will soothe, not stimulate.

Fast sleep fix: Turn down your roar at night by sipping calming teas and limiting the use of electronics.


A strong desire to see everything in its place and to do it all before you head to bed can leave a poor Virgo exhausted. You try to cram a lot into your days because the thought of tasks undone haunt you until your head hits the pillow. And even then, the things-to-do list continues to grow. Rather than let those thoughts swirl nonstop throughout the night, write everything down on a pad of paper or journal on your nightstand. You’ll rest easier and you’ll still get all your chores done in a more efficient manner.

Fast sleep fix: Practice the art of imperfectionism and you’ll realize the earth will not stop revolving if you walk away from your work-horse habits.


Though you prefer to steer clear of disagreements, sometimes you just have to put your foot down in order to create a sleep environment that works for you. Use your powerful negotiating skills to convince your bedmate that a television in the bedroom is not a good idea and that piles of stuff is not conducive to good rest. Fight for your right to rest well and quell the urge to say ‘yes’ to things when you really mean ‘no.’

Fast sleep fix: Indulge that vanity streak running through your personality and splurge on luxury sleepwear without worrying about the price tag.


Passionate Scorpios are known for being in touch with their sexuality, but lately, life has gotten in the way and cramped your style. Plan an earlier bedtime, so that you can have more intimate bonding time with your favorite bedmate. That might mean skipping last call at the bar or encouraging guests to leave before midnight, but your sleep and your sex life will reward you with the ample benefits that come with putting yourself first. To ensure you do get the rest you need, consider a sleep tracker to help show you the way.

Fast sleep fix: Schedule intimacy as needed. Of all the zodiac signs, you’re the one that enjoys the stress-reducing qualities of sex more than any other.


You’re the one running around making sure everyone is doing okay. And you’re happiest when the significant people in your life are happy, too. Because of your affable nature and a desire to connect, you’ve let some fundamental sleep rules fall to the wayside. The kids and pets have taken over your bed, squeezing you out and causing your sleep quality to diminish. Don’t worry if you send all of them packing so you can have the bed to yourself. They’ll all still love you in the morning.

Fast sleep fix: Balance your selflessness with a bit of selfishness and put your sleep needs first. Head to bed when you’re tired or wear earplugs to block out the din.


We get it: You’d rather wear out than rust out but your workaholic tendencies are affecting your sleep. Last year, you didn’t slow down until your body demanded it when you became ill or hopelessly fatigued. Switch gears this year and dial down your demanding schedule a couple of notches. You’ll still be productive, but you won’t have to steal time from your sleep hours to accomplish so much. Embrace bedtime habits long a warm bath and journaling to slow your pace.

Fast sleep fix: Practice mindfulness, the ability to tune into the here and now. Concern yourself less with what’s in store for tomorrow. You’ll handle it regardless!


As the free spirit of the zodiac, you can learn much from your dreams. In them, you’ll find some keys to what’s really bothering you and the direction you want to take your life. Get into the habit of keeping a dream journal to identify recurring themes. You’ll feel more grounded by having a stronger sense of purpose this year and you’ll be able to pursue some life-long projects you’ve had rolling around in your brain for years. First though, you have to figure out what’s preventing you from doing what your heart really desires. Then it’s time to leap over those obstacles.

Fast sleep fix: To get more REM sleep, take a closer look at your bedroom basics to make sure you’ve got linens you love, plus a quiet, cool and dark space.


You’re used to running on nearly empty. It’s become a way of life. But you’re finding it harder to keep going without bolstering your stamina with coffee, chocolate or other stimulants. In the past, your health has suffered from over-indulgences. Vow to make this year different and focus your efforts on putting tranquility front and center. Instead of going in 10 different directions at once, pare down your responsibilities so that you can put sleep, exercise and diet higher up on your list of priorities.

Fast sleep fix: Add music to your bedtime routine to help reduce levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, and allow you to get a better quality of sleep.

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