There are several factors that determine whether two people are compatible as a couple or not. Things like similarities and differences, life experience and life goals, cultural backgrounds, and attraction and chemistry all come into play when two people first start dating and will either help or hinder their chances of remaining together.

But few people realize the power that a person’s astro sign can have over whether things work out with a new love prospect or not.

Though there are exceptions to every rule, and basically any couple can make it work even if all the odds are against them, some astro signs just fit better together than others. When you’re with someone whose sign is compatible with yours, there’s less hard work to do. Things will flow more easily between you and it won’t feel like a never-ending fight to make the relationship last.

Not all of us follow the guidelines set out by the stars when it comes to our love lives, but it could definitely be something to think about if you’ve been unlucky in love again and again. Maybe the answer is not how you’re dating, but whom you’re dating.

Read on to find out which astro combos have the most fulfilling relationships!

25-Gemini’s Dreams Could Come True With Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius can satisfy each other’s needs in many ways. These are two signs who are passionate about finding adventure and living life to the fullest so they tend to have very similar goals.

They are also both friendly, optimistic, and chatty signs who love to socialize.

What’s more, neither sign likes to be held back or tied down too early, so they will understand each other’s deepest fears and avoid doing anything to scare each other away.

24-Aries And Capricorn Think In The Same Way

On the surface, Aries and Capricorn appear to have some differences. Aries is impulsive and spontaneous whereas Capricorn is careful and calculated. But both signs have a very strong work ethic and like working towards long-term goals. Because they think about achieving their dreams in the same way and both vow to never give up no matter what they’re faced with, they actually have quite a lot in common and can end up being very happy together in the long run.

23-Libra And Virgo Might Have The Time Of Their Lives

Libra is one of those signs that just about anyone can get along with. Virgo is a little touchier, but really emerges from their shell when they’re with the right partner.

These two are a match made in heaven because they’re both considerate of each other’s feelings and have rational, balanced personalities that fit together well.

Virgo can be a stress ball but they’re still an earth sign, which means they’re grounded and sensible. And as we know, Libra is the master of being balanced, despite being an air sign.

22-Taurus And Scorpio Balance Each Other Out

Speaking of balance, sometimes two signs with a ton of differences can make a great couple because they fill in each other’s empty spaces. Taurus and Scorpio sure do have some major differences between them, including the fact that Taurus is easy-going while Scorpio is intense and (sometimes) slightly neurotic. But together, they’ll discover a new way of seeing the world that reflects each other’s experiences. Scorpio will learn to lighten up while Taurus will get motivated to take things more seriously.

21-Capricorn And Leo Are An Odd Couple, But They Make Magic

Capricorn and Leo sound like an odd couple, but magic happens when they get together. Capricorn is all work and no play while Leo is the biggest party animal in astrology, but they do both find joy in material goods, are both extremely motivated to win, and both care a lot about their reputations.

In these little things, they can understand each other where it feels like nobody else can and really bond.

They might have some arguments, but overall, these two get each other.

20-Gemini And Taurus Will Share A Bustling Social Life

Gemini and Taurus share very similar social calendars. Both love to always be out with other people, talking over dinner and laughing over drinks. They both prefer to be out socializing than at home recharging, and so on that level, they’ll find it easy to live a life together. Gemini will probably be the leader of this relationship, but Taurus will be more than happy to tag along and join in on all the exciting things that Gemini has planned.

19-Cancer Needs A Safe And Reliable Partner Like Taurus

Taurus is a safe partner to have because being an earth sign, they’re so reliable and sensible.

Loyalty is a big deal to Taurus and the other earth signs, which makes them a dream for anybody who has a tendency to worry about their relationship.

Cancer is a natural worrier and can feel really unsure when it comes to the stability of their relationship. That’s why it’s so good for them to be involved with somebody like Taurus who is totally trustworthy.

18-Virgo And Capricorn Meet Each Other’s Needs

Virgo and Capricorn are two signs who are just able to connect on a whole other level. These guys are basically made of the same stuff. They’re both incredibly organized, they’re both perfectionists, they’re both ambitious, and they both have the same picky standards. They find enjoyment in the same kinds of things and are the only two in astrology who give each other’s discipline a run for their money. This will be one strict relationship, but it will be perfect for them.

17-Sagittarius And Pisces Can Talk For Hours

You know you’ve found your soulmate when you never get tired of talking to them. It’s a bit like that with Sagittarius and Pisces, who usually get along extremely well.

These two have such similar interests and ways of looking at the world that they can really talk and talk until the sun comes up.

Since they’re both so spiritual, they’ll never get tired of hanging around each other because there will always be something for them to talk about.

16-Leo And Gemini Will Have A Ball Together

A relationship between Leo and Gemini will be a union that’s bursting with fun. These two signs are both interested in having as much fun as they can and finding new adventures. They can both be considered party animals, so they’ll often agree on how to spend their weekend. There might be some rivalries that arise since both signs are competitive and like to be the star of the show. But once they move past that stuff, they’ll have the best time together.

15-Aquarius And Capricorn Will Hit It Off

There are a few key differences between Aquarius and Capricorn that might make you think they’re incompatible. Capricorn likes to stay anchored to a routine while Aquarius likes to float with the wind, for example.

But these two have a similar approach to a relationship in that they don’t smother their partners.

Both keep their lives filled with other things and aren’t desperate to find love; when they do find it, they will appreciate each other rather than acting out of desperation.

14-Scorpio And Libra Can Make Each Other Happy

When it comes to romance, both Scorpio and Libra know how to turn up the heat. These signs are both natural charmers and both love to be in a serious relationship with someone they love. Their similar goals and approaches to life mean that their relationship together is often fulfilling. Plus, they tend to satisfy each other’s needs. Libra is as trustworthy as Scorpio needs them to be, while Scorpio brings all the passion and excitement that Libra has always craved.

13-Aries And Gemini Will Have A Lot Of Fun Together

Any relationship that Gemini is in will be full of fun. But with Aries, the excitement and passion gets turned up a notch.

There are many defining character traits that are found in both these signs which make them so compatible.

They’re both spontaneous and love to surprise their partner, they both act out of passion rather than duty, and they both like to take risks. There might be a struggle for power, but ultimately, Aries tends to come out as the loving leader of the relationship.

12-Sagittarius And Aquarius Get Each Other

Sagittarius and Aquarius are definitely birds of a feather, and it’s not just because they sit next to each other in the skies. These signs have a very similar attitude toward life. They both like to be free to express themselves and follow their hearts, wherever that may lead them. They really don’t like to be controlled or to be rushed into anything and often have trouble with relationships that try to hold them down. On this level, these two understand each other.

11-Cancer Needs Someone Understanding, Like Pisces

For Cancer, a relationship is about having someone who understands and accepts them. This vulnerable sign only comes out of their shell when they’re sure they’re going to receive a lot of love and affection, so they can’t be with someone insensitive.

Pisces happens to be the most sensitive sign in astrology and is incredibly understanding of other people’s perspectives and problems.

And since Pisces loves to be fussed over the way only Cancer can, these two have what it takes to make the other happy.

10-Aries And Sagittarius Were Made In Heaven

They sometimes say that two fire signs getting too close to each other are bound for trouble, but we think that Aries and Sagittarius could have a lot going for them as a couple. Sure, the fights they have will be absolutely explosive, just like fireworks. But more importantly, they’ll understand the way the other’s minds work. They will each be okay with the other one following his or her heart and will support each other in reaching for the stars.

9-Pisces And Gemini Can Make Each Other’s Hearts Smile

There are battles that Pisces and Gemini will have to face as a couple, such as Pisces being too lazy for Gemini’s tastes and Gemini being emotionally unavailable.

At the end of the day, though, these two signs can connect on an intellectual and creative level.

Both are exceptionally creative and when they get together, there’s no limit to what they can come up with. If these two don’t make it as a couple, they should definitely try their luck as business partners.

8-Taurus And Libra Have The Same (Expensive) Tastes

There isn’t anything wrong with having certain tastes. Taurus and Libra are two compassionate and caring signs, and they also happen to enjoy the finer things in life. A relationship between these two will be easy in many ways because they’ll want to spend their money on the same kinds of things, will want to live in the same kind of house, and will want to drive the same kind of car. They’ll be that hot couple on Instagram everybody wishes they were.

7-Virgo And Aries Fill Each Other’s Empty Voids

We could talk for hours about the differences between Virgo and Aries. Virgo has to plan out every single thing while Aries likes to jump with their eyes closed.

But somehow, despite having two completely different personalities, they manage to make it work most of the time.

They tend to fill each other’s empty spaces and be things for each other that they can’t be for themselves. Virgo is the relationship’s voice of reason, while Aries is the brave and assertive one.

6-Capricorn And Taurus Share Similar Values

Capricorn and Taurus are two earth signs who can relate to each other on many levels, and so when they get together as a couple, it usually works out. They both like to center their lives around a schedule that they stick to no matter what, and they both value loyalty and stability. Because of all their similarities, there may very well be few misunderstandings between them. Both of these signs also value hard work in life and are hugely ambitious.

5-Scorpio And Cancer Might Have Big Fights, But They’re Made Of The Same Stuff

We know: it doesn’t seem like Scorpio and Cancer would make a very happy couple. Despite Scorpio being a little more direct than Cancer is used to and Cancer being more sensitive than Scorpio can always handle, these signs bond over a common appreciation for affection.

They like to connect deeply with their partners and be affectionate.

Neither will be scared off by the other’s demands in the relationship because they make the same kinds of requests and understand where the other is coming from.

4-Leo And Libra Have A Lot In Common

Both Leo and Libra tend to think of the glass as half full, and that idealistic nature is what helps them connect. They both have grand ideas and big dreams, and can’t stand to be torn down by someone negative. Of course, Libra is more of a realist than Leo but can always phrase things in a way that is tactful. With their careful words, Libra makes sure never to upset Leo’s ego. And Leo, the charmer, always dotes on Libra just the way they like.

3-Aquarius And Fellow Air Sign Gemini Have The Same Attitude Toward Life

Aquarius and Gemini tend to go about a lot of things in life the same way, and that’s probably because they both have that easy-going nature of the air signs about them.

Though Gemini is more enthusiastic and energetic than Aquarius, both signs like to be free to do their own thing and have whatever experiences they feel like.

Neither can handle someone trying to control them, and they often find happiness together because they understand each other’s need to live life on their own terms.

2-Pisces Has The Answers Virgo Might Be Looking For

Virgo and Pisces seem totally different at first. While Virgo is a rational earth sign, Pisces is a dreamy water sign. But it’s these differences that actually make them compatible as a couple. Basically, Virgo is everything Pisces is not and vice versa. Virgo can drag Pisces down to earth when they get lost in dreams and fantasies, and Pisces can help Virgo to let loose and actually learn how to dream. This isn’t the most obvious couple, but they can fulfill each other’s needs.

1-Libra And Cancer Have Similar Goals

Out of all the signs, Libra and Cancer are the two signs who are the most in love with being in love.

That’s why they make such a great couple: they are both determined for the relationship to work out.

Cancer shows affection by caring for their partner, which Libra always appreciates. And Libra loves to tell their partner what their true feelings are, which Cancer is always ready to hear. These two fit together like puzzle pieces and can usually find a lot of happiness together.

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